LumiKids is a digital playspace for young children to have fun while exploring adaptive & intuitive activities.


We aim to pioneer research on child development and digital play.


LumiKids aims to be a pioneer of research that advances the study of child development and the power of digital play. 

We have partnered with leading academic researchers to learn more about the impact of these digital activities for children but have not yet completed any studies.

Our product will continue to evolve as the team learns from the outcomes of these studies.


We're designing our play-based apps to be: 


Intuitive and delightful,
giving kids the ability to play independently


Adaptive to your child's ability,
keeping kids challenged at just the right level


                                 Targeted,                                     to explore early learning concepts


We hope to help you along your parenting journey by:


Giving you insight about
your child's LumiKids activity


Celebrating your child's
milestones in our apps


Providing tips to help
you be a great parent


Our first apps:


LumiKids Park

Explore this giggle-filled neighborhood park, with opportunities to use skills like sorting, visual motor-coordination and attention.


LumiKids Beach

Enjoy fun in the sun while exploring activities that use fine motor-coordination, response inhibition, auditory processing and sharing. 


LumiKids Backyard

Discover a summertime outdoor adventure while learning about weights and quantities, exploring spatial relationships and using logical reasoning.


LumiKids Snow

Explore an arctic adventure in LumiKids Snow! Meet new LumiKids friends while you toss snowballs and sled around then warm up with some cozy s’mores!