LumiKids Park

Check out our award-winning first app, LumiKids Park!

Kids will love exploring this interactive park filled with surprise, designed to make them giggle and keep them challenged. LumiKids Park activities include: 

  • Sorting: Sort squirmy little water critters into their correct water puddles based on color, shape and size - using cognitive flexibility as the sorting rules periodically change. 

  • Visual-motor coordination: While feeding the flying "nom nom" critters, combine the use of several visual-motor coordination skills such as visual processing and motor control.
  • Attention: While playing hide and seek, keep track of multiple darting critters as they hide in order to find them - requiring a specific type of attention called divided attention.

LumiKids Beach

Enjoy a day at the beach, sure to make you laugh out loud as you explore our open-ended world with our second app, LumiKids Beach!

  • Sharing & making friends at the beach: Return gear you find on the beach to the character it belongs to, practicing sharing, interacting with others based on emotional expression and visual matching along the way. 

  • Fine-motor coordination & planning: Bring an underwater scene to life using fine-motor coordination and planning to color increasingly complex scenes of fish and water creatures.
  • Response inhibition: Help crabs build a variety of sandcastles using response inhibition to collect sand buckets but avoid water balloons.
  • Auditory processing: Use auditory processing and memory to experiment with and identify differences in pitch made by singing turtles. 

LumiKids Backyard

As day turns to night, enjoy a summertime outdoor adventure with new friends and delightful challenges!

  • Watch friends conquer their fear of the dark: What’s making that noise in the dark? Shine a light on the bushes to empower your new friends and observe their emotional responses as they conquer their fears.

  • Help with bed-time routines: Help the sleepy squirrel with an everyday self-care routine while he brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.

  • Learn about quantities and weights:  The gang of raccoon bandits is hungry! Help them get to the pies inside of the house by using the right platforms. Explore grouping the different sized of raccoons to find equal quantities and weights in order to balance the platforms.

  • Explore spatial relationships: Explore flocks of colorful bugs that all fit together like a living puzzle. Figure out how to arrange the bug flocks on to the leaves, seeing how the flocks fit together based on spatial arrangements.

  • Use problem solving and logical reasoning: The garden gnomes need your help making their dazzling mushrooms in their underground factory. Using critical thinking and deductive reasoning, identify what pattern they want you to paint on the mushroom and plan how to use their painting machines to create that pattern.


LumiKids Snow

Explore an arctic adventure in LumiKids Snow! In this frozen playground, meet new LumiKids friends while you toss snowballs and sled around then warm up with some cozy s’mores!

  • Practice letter shapes and sounds: Trace each letter’s path for your friends to sled their way through the alphabet, hearing letter sounds and names as you go.

  • Use problem solving and self-directed learning: Help the aviator penguins by experimenting with different playground objects they can use to find their way to all the balloons.

  • Challenge memory recall:  The walrus wants to find his seal friends in a fun game of hide and seek! Watch where the seals hide and use memory to find their correct locations.

  • Share s'mores with cuddly friends: These yetis are hungry and are excited for you to share the marshmallows you roast over the open flame