Welcome to the LumiKids Blog!

LumiKids is a new product line from Lumosity for young children aged 2-5 years.The LumiKids series is not meant to be brain training for kids, but instead aims to be a digital playspace that challenges cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills through intuitive and adaptive activities. Our team has partnered with academic researchers to advance the field’s understanding of the impact of these digital activities for children, but are just at the beginning of this exciting research.

To create our apps, our team of child development experts, artists and developers draw from research findings in child psychology, developmental neuroscience, and early education to provide inspiration for the design of our interactive activities, and combine these findings with user-centered design to create high-quality, beautifully crafted experiences for kids.

We've developed each activity so that it adapts to an individual child's ability level and is intuitive for young learners to use by themselves with no text or voice-over instructions. 

And, we're not just for kids! As a parent, receive insight into your child's activity in the app, including skills used and milestones your child reaches. Parents also receive tips on how to continue practicing these skills with your children outside of the digital environment.

We're excited to hear what you think - and if you haven't already tried our apps, download our first award-winning app LumiKids Park from the App Store today!