Announcing LumiKids Snow!

Explore an arctic adventure in LumiKids Snow! In this frozen playground, meet new LumiKids friends while you toss snowballs and sled around then warm up with some cozy s’mores.

  • Practice letter shapes and sounds: Trace each letter’s path for your friends to sled their way through the alphabet, hearing letter sounds and names as you go.

  • Use problem solving and self-directed learning: Help the aviator penguins by experimenting with different playground objects they can use to find their way to all the balloons.

  • Challenge memory recall:  The walrus wants to find his seal friends in a fun game of hide and seek! Watch where the seals hide and use memory to find their correct locations.

  • Share s'mores with cuddly friends: These yetis are hungry and are excited for you to share the marshmallows you roast over the open flame

Download LumiKids Snow for iPad and select Android tablets today!