What is LumiKids?

  • LumiKids is a new labs product from Lumos Labs (makers of Lumosity).

  • The LumiKids Series is not intended to be brain-training for kids, but instead aims to be a digital playspace that challenges cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills through intuitive and adaptive activities.

  • LumiKids is a collection of intuitive & adaptive play-based digital experiences ages 2 to 5. Parents are provided with insight into their child’s activity and tips on other ways to practice core skills, bringing children and adults together through technology.

Who is the team behind LumiKids?

  • The LumiKids team is a group of Lumos Labs (Lumosity) employees that operate separately from the Lumosity product team to focus on great experiences for younger ages.

  • Our team of in-house child development experts, artists and developers draw on what we know from scientific research with user-centered design to create high quality, beautifully crafted experiences for kids.

  • We work with external academic experts as advisors and as research collaborators to help us pioneer our understanding of the impact of digital play on child development.

How is it different from Lumosity?

  • While we have academic collaborations underway to study the impact of these digital activities for children, to date we have not yet completed any studies.

  • The LumiKids App series is separate from the Lumosity product experience, designed to be intuitive and engaging for young learners and based on the science of how core skills develop during this period of growth.

  • LumiKids was designed by child development experts to motivate and engage kids through play-based experiences rather than self-improvement.

  • LumiKids is available on tablets only and not web.

What does LumiKids cost? Is there in-app purchasing?

  • Currently, LumiKids apps are free.

  • Our future apps will be available as part of a paid product as we continue to release more in the LumiKids series in the near future.

  • We are not marketing our products to children nor do we include experiences where children hit paywalls during their play.

I’m a Lumosity subscriber, do I get this for free? Can I use my Lumosity account?

  • You’ll need to create a separate account for LumiKids.

  • Currently, all users of LumiKids will get our first apps for free!

Why do I need to enter information about my child?

  • We ask for a birth year and month to help us tailor the difficulty of the activities for each child. We don’t request a child’s email address or other contact information.

  • We will provide parents with information about their child’s activity within the app on a weekly basis, which parents can receive via emails.

  • Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for specific details on our collection and use of information.

What devices can I use to access LumiKids?

  • We are compatible with iPads (except for first generation) as long as they are operating on iOS 6 or above.

  • Stay tuned for availability on other platforms in the future.

I have a child that is younger than 2 or older than 5, can he or she play?

  • While anyone can play LumiKids, we’ve designed the activities to be most suited for children between the age of 2 and 5.

Will this app help me identify developmental delays in my child?

  • No. We recommend that you discuss any concerns around your child’s development with a licensed professional.